Dr Cooper's Advice on Pet Insurance

by Dr Candice Cooper
Advice on Pet Insurance

When talking about preventative health care, it is worth giving pet insurance a mention. This is a personal decision and you need to decide if it is right for you and your fur kid.

Do take a moment to consider that medical costs add up and arise unexpectedly and you always want to be able to pay for the required care.

From cruciate surgery to dentistry, you can’t predict what might be required so unless you are 100% financially stable and able to cover any cost that may come your way, pet insurance should be an avenue that is explored when you welcome a cat or dog into the family.

There are a number of service providers as well as options of cover to choose from. My biggest piece of advice is to do your research, as you would for your own medical cover. Important things to look at are exclusions (these often apply for pre-existing conditions) and age limits.

Many service providers won’t cover senior pets over the age of 8 years. These are reasons why it’s a good idea to take out pet insurance while your pet is still young and healthy.

At Gardens Pet Clinic & Spa we deal with many pet insurance claims from Absolute Pets Pet Insurance. You can check out their service offerings here: https://dotsure.absolutepets.com/

Please do have a look at a few service providers to compare offerings and make an informed decision.

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