Creating a Happy Environment For Your Pet

by Dr Candice Cooper
Today, we’re talking about how to create a happy home environment for your pet. Here are our top 3 tips:
Sleep space:
Your pet’s sleeping area should have a warm and soft bed. Decide where you want your pet to sleep long-term and start getting them comfortable with this space from the day that they come home. Many cats prefer elevated areas, particularly those that are sharing their home with dogs and small children. Old dogs should have multiple soft beds around the home, so that they don’t have to go far to find a comfy spot to rest when they are feeling stiff and tired.
These are really important in multi-pet households or those with small children. Pets feel safe when they have their own space to eat and go to the toilet. Each pet should have their own food and water bowl well away from each other and children, so they can eat in peace. We see many digestive problems as a result of eating too fast in stressful environments.
Dogs and cats love the stability that routine brings. Keep walking, feeding, playtime and bedtimes consistent. This is particularly helpful when you are welcoming home a new pet or if your furkid is anxious.
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