Importance of Training and Socialisation

by Dr Candice Cooper
The joy of having a pet is all about the bond we have with them. This is underpinned by a good understanding between pet and parent. Understanding is key to a friendly, well-behaved pet – and this requires training. On both sides!

Start training as soon as possible. Puppies and kittens have a “window” between 3-16 weeks of age, when their brain is primed to learn – so take advantage of this.

Having said that, it is never too late to teach your pet new behaviours – it will just require a bit more patience.

But how?
Use treats!
These are essential when teaching new behaviours, to reward the desired behaviour immediately so your pet can develop an understanding that good things happen when they do what you are asking of them. Try to stick to lean protein, low calorie treats to avoid weight gain, unless you are teaching a really difficult behaviour, then you want a high reward which equates to “high fat” in pet language.

Socialise! – Safely.

Reputable puppy/kitten classes are a good place to allow your pet to socialize in a safe manner. It is important that their first experiences with new pets/people/places are positive to prevent anxiety/fear related behavioural problems later in life. Remember to ensure your pets vaccinations and parasite control are up to date before exposing them to the outside world. We are here to help if you’re not sure – just get in contact on our details below.

Training 2.0: Once your pet has mastered the primary behaviour training, there are lots of fun training options to continue with e.g. obedience training, agility training, etc. These are great for keeping your pet’s mind and body active and healthy, and doing the training together strengthens the bond you have.

Gardens Pet Clinic & Spa is now offering Puppy Life Skill Classes as well as Kitten Life Skill Classes!

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